Why do we need VR?

VR is a short form of Virtual Reality. It is a three-dimensional image generated by a computer.

This image can be created on a base of something existing, such as the streets of Paris or Mount Everest. It can also be based on an entirely fictional world, such as fantasy action scenes. It is just an imitation of reality. That’s what distinguishes VR technology from popular AR technology (augmented reality), which combines the virtual and real worlds, for example, it allocates fictional characters in a real place.

VR technology is mostly used to create VR games – both mobile games and web games. To use them, we need to have specialized eyewear like HTC Vive goggles. It will allow us to reproduce a three-dimensional image. In the past, only glasses were possible to buy; now we can also purchase appropriate headphones, gloves, and even treadmills. Everything to excite our senses to intense feelings of virtual reality, and even change it – turning the head or moving the elements.

VR games are developed in specialized developer’s gaming studios. They are created by specialists and artists associated with VR and 3D technology. By combining technical and artistic skills, they form a reality that often takes our breath away. Most of the companies specializing in virtual reality are located in Lower Silesia. What’s more, the best development studios are placed especially in Wroclaw.


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